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 This site has been created on 06-06-2000 and its aimed to promote the history, culture, traditions and lifestyle of the people living around Mount Poro, in Calabria, Italy.

 It attempts to pay tribute to this generous mount, which has provided huge natural resources to whole generations of men, due to its magnificient land named (the "pia").

 This site, (still under construction) holds full information, based on images, texts, articles and all that could be interesting , for representing as best as possible all which has been exposed here. We invite you to join and spread out our idea, by adding any kind of information related to the site, and we'll publish it without any doubts entitled to the sender.

 Greetings , from the editing office, to all the descendants of whose men who emigrated from Mount Poro, spreaded out all over the world, some of them are just helping us with the construction of this site. We are granted for the dedication you're disposed to offer us.

                                                  A site of us..

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Territorio di:'Nduja,Fagioli e Pecorino del Poro



Gli Aggiornamenti

Il Dialetto del Poro

Viaggio sul Poro

Musiche e Danze del Poro

Raf Vallone   G. Berto

I Libri sul Poro

Il Monte Poro

Panaia - La Ginestra

Rawson-Joppolo: G. Papaianni

Elezioni di VV

Intorno al Poro

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